Saturday, August 6, 2011

07 :: Cell Phones

I do not own or ever have owned a cell phone. I am not anti-cell phone, I just do not have any need for or funds for one. People who know me know I do not like to talk on the phone, but I will make exceptions for some people. I would rather talk to people face to face (which is why I like Skype). I have used a cell phone a few times and I probably could remember each time. I did borrow a cell phone for a couple weeks after surgery when the Spring 2011 semester started, but never used it or even turned it on. I am getting used to people constantly talking in public, even the restrooms. I try to ignore the "finger trance" of people texting, playing games or whatever.

There is one thing I cannot stand and I get really pissed off about. Here comes the public service announcement:


I do not care if you are talking or texting, turn off the phone in the car, period. I also think every cell phone user should have to have a device installed (or they will not pass inspection) in their cars to eliminate cell service while the car is in motion. I say "in motion" rather than what I used to, when the car is running/started, because I understand the need for 911 service. When or if I ever have a cell phone, then the same thing applies to me --- no ifs, ands, or buts.

I know someone who was killed (instantly) because he was texting, veered into the oncoming lane and was hit (more like scraped off the road) by a tractor trailer on a road posted at 55 mph. Imagine if that was you or your friend(s) or your family or your significant other that this person crashed into because he was using his cell phone.